It all began in 2015 when Monta, the brand's owner, discovered her passion for silk screen printing. Initially, she engaged in this activity for her own enjoyment, bringing her drawings to life on clothing and fabrics. However, it soon became apparent that others were also interested in her designs. And so, RADADA was born—a brand whose popularity has been steadily growing in Latvia and beyond ever since.

Monta established her silk screen printing studio in the charming countryside of Skriveri, housed within an old fire station depot. It is here that the magic happens, with designs inspired by nature, culture, and people.

One of the most recognisable designs features "a girl with a crown and red lips", symbolising women's strength and independence. This design symbolises a women's strength and independence, the wish to walk with painted red lips and a high raised head -  a golden crown on her head - every day!  Within RADADA's creations, you can find strength in the artwork and discover similarities with your own essence, fostering a sense of belonging.

To ensure the designs fit and achieve the desired look, tailor-made prototypes are created initially. Once the styles are deemed production-ready, they are sent to our designated production facility. Following the sewing process, all prints are meticulously handprinted in our small studio located in Skriveri. In our commitment to the environment, we exclusively utilise water-based inks for printing. Additionally, whenever feasible, we prioritise the use of eco-certified textiles.

RADADA is proud of its experience in various events that have raised brand awareness and expanded its customer base. We have participated in the large-scale Latvian Song and Dance Festival design fairs in Latvia, America and this year we have been invited to participate in the Song and Dance Festival in Toronto, Canada.
Recently we experienced great excitement and joy when RADADA was invited as a emerging designer to participate in London Fashion Week SS24, where we presented our collection "The Girl with the Crown". 

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We warmly invite you to visit the RADADA creative studio in Skriveri. There, you will discover products ready for sale, as well as the latest designs not yet showcased on our website. Moreover, we offer the opportunity to engage in screen printing firsthand by signing up for master classes in advance. 



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